It is the established purpose of the Pedestrian Safety Institute to reduce injuries and fatalities suffered by pedestrians in the United States every year and to provide tips, tools and training to keep people safe from unfortunate interactions between cars and people.



More than 6,000 deaths per year



According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics going back 45 years, the deadliest months of the year, for drivers and pedestrians alike, have been the “vacation months” — July through October. Of the year’s four deadliest holiday weekends, three occur in summer, and the fatal crashes involve higher-than-average numbers of alcohol-impaired drivers. Here, for example, were the nationwide statistics for 2017:
·       Labor Day Weekend — 376 killed, 36% of the involved drivers alcohol-impaired;
·       Memorial Day Weekend — 399 killed, 37% of involved drivers impaired;
·       Fourth of July Weekend — 601 killed, 39% of involved drivers impaired.
·       (For comparison, the overall rate of alcohol-impaired-driver-related fatalities was 29%).


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